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Habibi Bazaar is a Lebanese Armenian-owned and operated brand founded by designer, Pamela El Gergi in 2021. Habibi comes from the Arabic word "hobb," which means "love" and translates to my love, my darling, or my sweetie. Bazaar is an Arabic word for "shop" or "market." After moving from Beirut to the USA in 2018, El Gergi was inspired to hold on to pieces of her hometown. Despite media and stereotypes, Beirut is a lively city full of museums, street art, high fashion, music, and activists. As a creative herself, El Gergi began painting, tufting rugs, and creating graphic t-shirts meant to shed light on the counter culture of Lebanon. Founded on a passion to continue to advocate for Beirut and Lebanon as a whole, Habibi Bazaar was created with the intention of exposing the world to the beauty of this small Mediterranean country. As a way to continue to develop a bridge between opportunities in the USA with Lebanese and Armenian designers and illustrators. Additionally, El Gergi collaborates with several artists throughout the USA and SWANA-region. Habibi Bazaar's most popular designs include Pronoun Habibi t-shirts and multiple nazar (evil eye) rug designs meant as wall art or rugs.

Through Habibi Bazaar, we are hoping to create cultural items that represent our beautiful community, while also creating a more inclusive environment for every single person in the SWANA community.

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