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Creative Rug Tufting Workshop for Kids (Ages 8-16)

Unleash your child's inner artist this summer with our vibrant and engaging Rug Tufting Workshop, designed specifically for young creators aged 8 to 16! This unique summer camp experience combines fun, creativity, and learning, offering kids a hands-on opportunity to dive into the colorful world of rug making and more.

What’s Included?

-Rug Making: Participants will learn the basics of rug tufting, starting with simple designs and moving towards more intricate patterns. Each child will create their own custom small rug, perfect for decorating their room or as a charming homemade gift.

-Coaster Crafting: As a starter project, kids will make tufted coasters. This simpler task is designed to build their confidence and skills gradually, preparing them for larger projects.

-Pillow Making: Beyond rugs, our workshop teaches kids how to apply tufting techniques to make soft, cozy pillows. This project helps enhance their creativity and gives them a comfortable creation they can enjoy every day.

-Decorative Mirror: To add sparkle to their creations, attendees will also tuft a decorative frame for a mirror, blending utility with art. It’s an excellent way for them to personalize their space at home.


Skills Developed:

-Creativity and Artistic Expression: Each project is a canvas for self-expression, encouraging children to choose their colors, designs, and patterns.
-Fine Motor Skills and Coordination: Tufting and crafting improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills through cutting, designing, and fabric handling.
-Patience and Focus: Completing a tufting project requires concentration and persistence, fostering a calm and focused mindset.

-Confidence Building: By completing multiple projects, children see tangible results of their efforts, boosting their confidence in their abilities to create and succeed.


Camp Details:

-Duration: The workshop runs for 4 days, with different 3-hour sessions each day. Perfect for summer break!

-Location: Set in a bright and airy studio at Sawyer Yard's Art Campus (Spring Street Studio), our camp provides all the necessary materials and tools under the supervision of experienced instructors.

-Safety: All equipment is child-friendly and our staff are trained to ensure a safe crafting environment.

Whether your child is a budding artist or simply looking for a new summer adventure, our Rug Tufting Workshop is the perfect blend of fun and creativity, promising a summer they'll remember forever. Sign up today and watch your child bring their imagination to life through the art of tufting!

Class Information and Location

Location: Spring Street Studios, Houston, TX

Experience Level: Beginner

Time: 2-4 hours

Age Restrictions: 15 years or older without guardian or 11+ with guardian.

About Our Workshops...

What is Included

All the supplies needed to create your hand-tufted artisanal rug: tufting machines, frames, cloth, and unlimited selections of our wide range of yarn colors. Finishing service done by us: gluing, shaving, and backing your rug!

What to Bring

Our workshops are BYOB and bring your favorite snacks! We have a lounge area where you can take a short break to refuel. Refreshments included: coffee, tea, and water to stay hydrated.

What You'll Get

Instructional demos from one of our expert tufters with hands-on, one-on-one support throughout the workshop in a supportive and creative environment to make your rug dreams come true.

What They're Saying

Came here for valentines day with my gf and it was the best experience ever. They were extremely helpful and patient. We had never done rug tufting and the experience itself was unique. Best spot for a different type of date night experience. Will be back to do more rugs!


Not only were they both super welcoming and helpful, but just overall very genuine.
Pamela already has everything ready for you in regards to the outline of your design and yarns you will use. She also goes over the instructions very throughly and even allows you to practice and get a feel for it before jumping to your rug. She provides snacks and drinks complementary which I thought was super sweet of her!


Absolutely loved my time here! Pamela and her partner were so welcoming and extremely helpful throughout the entire tufting experience. The vibes there were immaculate and I had so much fun throughout the workshop. Will definitely be coming back to make more rugs!